Effects Of Protein Shakes

Effects Of Protein Shakes

Effects Of Protein Shakes8 Side Effects of Too Much Protein. Protein helps build muscle – If you receive an amount of it, but what happens? Not getting enough protein is just one of reasons why there is a muscle building exercise not building muscle. Getting your protein intake that is necessary is essential, if you take a great deal, but what happens? fat gain. Excess calories from excess protein can be stored as body fat. Intestinal irritation. Too much protein has been linked to constipation, diarrhea and/or excessive gas. Dehydration. Experts advise drinking a gallon of water per 100 g of protein. Seizures.

Just if quantities of water are consumed, although seizures are linked to protein consumption. Increase in liver enzymes. Nutritional deficiencies. Focusing on protein consumption causes a few protein dieters to overlook nutrients. Make sure your diet is balanced and nutritious that. Risk of coronary disease. That is a bit misleading. A healthful high protein diet isn’t associated with heart problems. The danger of heart problems increase if you’re getting your protein from sources that are loaded in fats. Kidney problems. Some believe that low carb and high protein diets when done term can cause kidney issues, but more research must be done.


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effects of protein shake dietWhile this list may seem alarming, its important to remember that many of these side effects are only associated with highly excessive protein diets coupled with unbalanced nutrition and/or dehydration. And this list pales compared to the adverse effects of protein deficiency, including general illness, hair loss, loss of sleep, poor co-ordination, diminished eyesight, etc. The common person needs about. 4 g of protein per pound of body weight. Active individuals might require. 6 grams. People that exercise frequently and in a high intensity like me require about a gram per pound of body weight. Bodybuilders and athletes might require even more. With protein, its okay to act a bit like Goldilocks. You do not want too little or too much, but an amount that’s just right.