Fast Food And Bodybuilding

Fast Food And Bodybuilding

Fast Food And BodybuildingAs athletes we all have these freak out moments where we just have done with a workout, were good, grinning big, and after that something dawns on you you don’t have a thing that is healthful to eat. You know you need these calories far faster than you can cook them and its hype that is a real kill. You might find your head talking yourself into getting and quitting any nuggets or a big mac or another junk food choice. You’re considering your stomach rather than your mind, although you know the answer. Long gone are the days of supersize me and having to get burgers & fries if you went out for fast food.

Well now, you could avoid all that. Since it turns out, there ARE some far healthy junk food options. This doesn’t mean you should quit eating your normal meals and sub par in, but it does mean that whenever you’re in a pinch, you can catch these real quickly without worrying about losing that muscle you worked for, or stressing about gaining that fat you back lost. Lets start from the top! Oh, also no, this isn’t going to be a list of grooming salads.

Here Are the Top Fast Food Options! 

McDonald’s The Hamburger – Calories: 250 Grams of Fat Grams of Protein Carbs: 32g – Speak about unpredictability.


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eating fast food and bodybuildingWe didn’t even expect this one. Without leaving feeling complete, and resorting to a salad, the hamburger from McDonald’s is among the calorie choices and is among the lowest in fat content. Mind Blown! 

Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Calories: 400 Grams of Fat: 14g Grams of Protein: 22 Carbs: 44g – What would this collection be without some grilled poultry? If you would like this sandwich to really be some masterpiece of healthiness, get it without that fattening mayo. Which will take around 50-100 calories off, also let alone a couple of the fat!

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Roulade – Calories: 270 Grams of Fat: 11g Grams of Protein: 20g Carbs: 24g – You see that fat to protein ratio? Couple that with the extremely low amount of calories for such some large portion, also you’ve yourself some perfect recipe for lean muscle mass gain. Let alone that’s close to the lowest amount of fat you will get with a junk food meal of any sort, with the exception of some salads.

Apple & Cranberry Salad w/ herb vinaigrette dressing – Calories: 305 Grams of Fat: 10g Grams of Protein: 10g Carbs: 36g – Before you say anything, this is no normal salad. The only thing salad like about it tray is the lettuce.